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McLaughlin Consolidated Fishermen Ltd is the largest agent in Melbourne’s wholesale seafood marketplace. The McLaughlin family has a proud history in the Australian wholesale seafood industry spanning over 50 years. Together with our fishing industry partners, we are the largest wholesaler in the Melbourne Seafood Centre in West Melbourne.

We sell fresh seafood, frozen lines and our own frozen products. This means we have a broad range of marketing options for your fish, including selling it locally, exporting it or processing it to ensure your fish receives top market prices available.

The company has a Board of Directors consisting of 50 per cent McLaughlin family and 50 per cent commercial fishermen, elected by the fishermen shareholders. The board is overseen by an independent Chairperson, Murray Rogers AM, formerly Executive Chairperson of Kellogg’s and Managing Director of the Australian Wheat Board.

We provide an extensive range of frozen products for local sale and export, and live seafood is a fast-developing part of the business.

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